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Measurable success

For more than 25 years, we've been developing web applications. Our specialty is in electronic sales of services in the financial and utility sector. We make software that delivers measurable success to our customers – a move forward. Without the extraordinary people in the team it would not be possible. We take care of our people, we care what type of person he/she is, how he/she thinks and how he/she thinks of solving the things. We care of human side of the person, as everything else can be learned.

We are not a start-up anymore for a long time, but we still have an informal environment without a complex managerial structure. We build on agile principles and a healthy wisdom.

How we work

Company owners are trying to make everyone feel well at work. We moved to new premises with unparalleled views, we have our own bar with small breweries beers, high quality bio-coffee, a pile of fresh fruit, bi-weekly company breakfast and regular teambuilding activities.

Being employed in Aston is fun, adventure and hard work at the same time. So, are you joining us?

We work in small scrum teams. The voice of everyone has the same weight and the team decisions are made together, without the intervention of people outside the team. We are happy to be responsible for our own code and we are constantly working on ourselves and educating each other.

Each team has its frontend and backend programmers, testers, business consultant, project manager, and software architect.






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Why should you join Aston?

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